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Introducing ScoutSync: A New Era in Sports Recruitment


We're excited to announce a major milestone in our journey: we've rebranded as ScoutSync! Formerly known as Willis Sports Organization, we've undergone a transformation to better reflect our vision and mission in the sports industry.

With ScoutSync, we're embracing a new era of sports recruitment, where connectivity, efficiency, and innovation reign supreme. As part of this rebranding, we want to remind our community that we are no longer offering athletic training services. Instead, we're focusing our efforts on providing cutting-edge solutions for athletes, coaches/scouts, agents, colleges, franchises, and clubs.

Our new vision extends beyond traditional sports recruitment, encompassing a range of services tailored to meet the needs of agents and clubs. Our flagship product, ScoutSync Online, is set to revolutionize how clubs manage their teams, recruit new talent, and streamline day-to-day tasks. With ScoutSync Online, clubs can expect unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their operations, empowering them to achieve their goals with ease.

But that's not all—ScoutSync is also looking to expand its team, and we welcome passionate individuals from all backgrounds to join us on our journey. Location is no barrier—we're committed to building a diverse and talented team that shares our vision for the future of sports recruitment.

In addition to our rebranding, we're thrilled to announce that ScoutSync will now be supporting a wider range of sports,

including men's and women's basketball and soccer. Athletes in these sports will soon have access to our platform, opening up new opportunities for discovery and connection.

We're incredibly excited about what the future holds for ScoutSync and the impact we can make in the world of sports recruitment. Join us as we embark on this next chapter of our journey together!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from the ScoutSync team. The future of sports recruitment starts here.


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Thank you for being a part of the ScoutSync community!

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