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Where innovation meets talent. Our software-driven approach to scouting redefines sports recruitment, connecting athletes globally through data, analytics, and AI.

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Based in Zurich, Switzerland, ScoutSync is a sports tech startup leveraging AI to revolutionize the scouting and recruiting process.

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Meet The Founder Behind ScoutSync

A passionate leader who excelled as a high-level athlete in the US, and transitioned into coaching to give back and help support the next wave of athletes and coaches.


Our comprehensive database stands as the cornerstone of ScoutSync, boasting extensive profiles of athletes, teams, and coaches across various sports disciplines. Continuously curated and updated, our database provides a wealth of actionable insights and invaluable information to recruiters and talent seekers. With a vast repository of player statistics, performance metrics, and recruitment data, ScoutSync empowers users to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of sports talent on a global scale.


At ScoutSync, our vision is to support all sports in the future. We're starting by offering scouting and recruiting solutions tailored for football, men's and women's soccer, and men's and women's basketball. With our platform, teams can seamlessly manage tasks, team activities, and recruiting efforts, all while accessing essential data on the go.


ScoutSync has already made significant strides. We've collaborated with over 1500 coaches from universities, including institutions across the International Teams, JUCO, NAIA, NCAA Dl, NCAA DII, and NCAA DIII levels. Additionally, our platform has been instrumental in supporting over 1,000 athletes through our comprehensive recruiting and training services.


ScoutSync is laser-focused on expanding our user base and providing invaluable resources to athletes, coaches, agents and teams worldwide. With a keen eye on innovation and customer satisfaction, we're committed to achieving these ambitious targets and solidifying our position as a leader in sports scouting technology.

ScoutSync Online

American Football

Launches fall 2024

M+W Track & Field

Launches summer 2026

M+W Soccer

Launches spring 2025

M+W Basketball

Launches spring 2025

Access the free American Football ScoutSync Online platform. Currently only available for US colleges and franchises. 

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At ScoutSync, we are revolutionizing the sports industry by providing cutting-edge scouting and recruiting solutions for athletes, coaches, and teams worldwide. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both athletes and sports professionals, we are committed to creating innovative tools that streamline the recruitment process, connect talent with opportunities, and drive success on and off the field.


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